ART Wedding is based in Spain, but geography of our destination weddings is not limited. We are happy to organize an outstanding wedding in different European countries.
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Greece
Karina Gorbacheva
the founder
Organization of weddings for us – it’s a lifestyle, as the ability to dream and enjoy the beauty around. We are happy to do things we love, creating for you a special and exciting day of the wedding.

Your wedding in Europe will be special and unique

We will make sure that your wedding in Europe will be original and unique. For us it is important to be part of your story and create an event, filled with emotions, reflecting the character of your love story. Here you will not find ready-made templates and scenarios written once for all occasions.

Every story we draw from scratch, carefully collecting and translating into practice your dreams, thoughts and feelings. We take care of every detail of the holiday and will give you the

opportunity to feel only the boundless joy and happiness on this day.

During preparation of the wedding, we will become good friends, helping to solve all the problems, to dispel doubts and choose the best. We believe in a fairy tale and adore beautiful events and wonderful wedding stories. More we believe that the holidays make our life more beautiful! Not everyday, but it is still the happy moments in our memory forever, and the world out of the ordinary is transformed into a fairytale.